Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WIAW; cookin all day, eatin all night

So I just got back from my first year of college (Tulane University ftw!) and I decided I might pick back up with blogging a bit, especially now that I am going to India for the month of June. 
gotta sport those mardi gras beads; #nolalove
and that right there is the BEST roommate I could ask for
I thought it would be cool to post updates on that if I can, and well you know, being back at home obviously puts my back into a cycle of 
make breakfast.
read food blogs.
make more food.
eat more food. 
run errands. 
eat dinner.
make dessert.
eat lots of dessert whilst watching Downton Abbey.

and so on....
Therefore the obvious remedy is to starting using my free time to write blog posts (you know so I have more reason to read blog posts :) ) Anyways, lets get straight to the food cause I'm sure that's why you stopped by right? ;) 

A little WIAW spread

edited to add: of course I missed the theme, because I missed the WIAW last week haha, so I'll be on the lookout for sensible snacking in the future :)

Catching up with my frans; via brunch

and ice cream of course; three scoops:) 

Salads galore; 
memorable toppings with blue cheese (always), wasabi peas,  baby carrots, raw onion, HHH's peanut soy dressing made with almond butter and crunchy & spicy sp rounds

Fresh produce such as sugar snap peas and cucumbers, heirloom tomatoes and guacamole made with edamame and avocado
Many attempted crispy waffle recipes; still searching for the perfect waffle...
Tuna cakes made with chicken breast instead and delicious curry roasted carrots
The egg white oats creations haven't disappeared either ;) 

this one was topped with a sweet and salty combo of chocolate, chex mix, berries and more pretzels

Staying true to some STUFT Mama favorites 

cookie dough with PB2 sauce

Breakfast salad with a grain free microwave "english muffin"

Even more blog love with Lauren's pizza crust
Some mexican food montages; refried beans, slaw, grilled poblano peppers, veg and fish quesadillas

Moral of the story? Bleu cheese goes on everything; right Heather? You may think you don't like that stanky cheese but it melds beautifully into any salad creation