Friday, June 29, 2012

Let's Make it into a List

Hey Y'allisn't that just so fun to say? (:

So for todays post I decided to make a list, maybe because I like lists, maybe because I don't know what to blog about or maybe because most importantly it will keep my ramblings to a minimum, take your pick, and hey you could keep reading too if you wanna(:

1.  My eats; I'll keep this short because I have a lot of pics from this past week that I just haven't gotten around to posting (too bad I didn't make the WIAW cut-off haha) But I decided in the future to keep these pictures at a minimum because I know everyone gets tired of drooling over my food porn
insert sarcastic sigh here, I realize not all my eats are the prettiest, but they are yummy!
Instead I'll just post for an occasional WIAW, recipes or pictures that are too darn gorgeous to keep from you guys!

 Yes that is an adora calcium disk that I used as my ice cream topper(:




If you haven't already you should try these veggie souffles from Garden Lites, they are super tasty and take like 3 minutes in the microwave (I think they also come in broccoli, zucchini and mixed)

I know the picture on the right is just lovely right; but for these sweet potato fries I used a spiralizer to make them curly-ques! So cute!

I've been lovin' shredded coconut as an oatmeal topper(:

2. I went up to Boone, NC this past weekend with my friend to surprise my dad after he rode a 100 mile race (seriously, he is a crazy biker!) He was definitely shocked to see me but the drive up was fun and he even took us out to lunch(:

A funky burrito from a place called Black Cat; it was called "Peanut Satay Burrito" and it had broccoli, carrots, chicken and a peanut sauce

3. I plan on making these as soon as possible

4. I entered a giveaway here to win a Whole Foods giftcard because it is a blessing that I don't have one near me, but look-out because there is one in New Orleans #herecomestrouble #imgonnabebrokeinnotime

5.  I've been babysitting like a mad lady recently; but thats not an issue because I need the money to keep rolling in (haha, like I said, I have expensive foodie habits)

Haha look at her nose!

6. I have been doing things other than taking pictures of food and babysitting, I've been going to the pool frequently and trying to read my summer reading (ugh) but it's really hard to get into. Especially when your friends want to do more talking than actual tanning and lounging(: I still love them, don't worry!

7. It's been hot hot hot! But I'm still walking the dog and trying to stay in the sunshine (to get a nice tan of course) well; tan for me at least(:

Okay so it wasn't that hot when I walked the dog and the temperature went down after I began driving, but still! I think it's been hotter everywhere so I'm sure you guys understand(: right?

I'll leave with with the lucky number seven, but look out for my Foodie Penpal reveal post tomorrow and a recap of my June Powermeal a day challenge!


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  1. I love garden lites souffles!! They need to go on sale more often though... I need an excuse to buy them!