Sunday, March 1, 2015

The excursions of the weekend

So far I have hiked up the hill of San Cristabal (on saturday 2/28), gone to the Plaza Nuñoa (which is approximately 10 minutes from my house) and went through the city to my "abuela's" house. 
The Krewe at the top of Cerra San Cristobal
Additionally I took advantage of the fact that on sundays some street lanes are closed for bikers, runners, walkers, etc. It was a nice way to run without traffic and it seems like a lot of Chileans take advantage of it to because there were a ton of people! I think Chileans in general are more conscious about health and exercise than Americans because not only have I seen many people using these strength training type "machines" in the park, but also I was having a conversation with my mama about nutrition and I think Chileans understand more about nutrition and health than most Americans. It appears that a lot of people buy mostly fruit, vegetables, meat and fresh bread and not so much prepared food. Also there are a lot of "light" foods offered and the chocolate cereal I really enjoy is sweetened with stevia!
Plaza Nuñoa!
A quick note on my mama's mother- I have to say after seeing my mama's mother (my abuela) who lives with my mama's brother who has some sort of mental illness I think, I am quite impressed with the life my mama has made for herself. My abuela lives with her son in a poorer area in Santiago and my tía (my mama's sister) also lives nearby. My mama went to the Jumbo today to buy groceries for all of them and it just appears that in general her life is much more put together than her siblings. It was also incredibly kind of her to go out and buy groceries for them when she works so much (7:30am-6pm) during the week and then cleans and cooks on the weekend for herself and my host sister. Oye. She is a superwoman and keeps the house so clean! She is slightly OCD as demonstrated by the fact that no matter how well I think I made my bed she always remakes it...can't decide if I should stop trying on that one or if that would be rude...who knows. 
I think that is all and I hope you've made it this far..especially after that last super long post(:

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