Sunday, March 8, 2015

They found out I have big hands and I found out Mama smokes

It appears that it would have been imposible to have a host family sans smokers. And I will count my blessings because although my mama has now told me that smoking is her vice (at least I think thats what she said...) I rarely smell it and of course she smokes outside (maybe once a day). 

Nevertheless, everyday you learn something new- today the hot pollolo learned that I have mega hands. It's okay though because he is attractive and therefore you you can't say no when he tries to engage you in a conversation. So after asking me if I am a climber (interesting assumption based on my hand size....) he moved on to other things and I had to listen to him tell me all about his graphic design projects and urban legends about cemeteries and ghosts. Interesante.
Speaking of pollolos, I have to say that I think I've seen the youngest couple yet. They must have been freshmen in high school, with their neon clothes, matching boyfriend/girlfriend half-heart necklaces (yes, just like the BFF ones you saw in middle school- in this case, one had a female sign and the other a male...not the most attractive piece of jewelry i've seen as of late, but whatever floats their little lovesick boats..)
Lastly is a food note- of course. Today Mama Isabel made delicious chicken thighs by putting them on slice onions, drizzling them with lemon juice and then baking them in the oven on low heat for an hour, simmered in beer with the skins on...yum!

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