Thursday, March 12, 2015

This is for those who see the glass half empty...

I would say I am pretty positive person. Please remember that as I once again use this blog to vent- 
It all started on monday morning when I was in the house alone (remember that my host mom and sister are virtually non-existent until about 6-7pm). So I'm sitting on the couch towards the front of the house when I hear a voice saying "Hola!". At first I just dismiss it because I hear noises of all kinds from our little neighborhood area we have with kids, dogs, cars, get the picture- I'm good at ignoring things. 
So next thing you know the voice is coming from the kitchen and all I'm thinking is oh my god, someone is going to rob the house or kidnap me (in retrospect...why would they be shouting Hola! if they wanted to kidnap me...). Amidst my fearful thoughts I approach the kitchen and realize that there is a Chilean Carabinero (police officer) in the kitchen. After I am no longer scared to death- and therefore breathe- I try to remember how to say "what the hell is going on"- in spanish of course. He starts asking me where everyone is and who I am. I stammer something about Mama Isabel being at work and mention that I can call her (because I have no idea how else to get rid of this mysterious cop). I use my chilean phone to call her and as he is talking to her on the phone I notice there is also a women behind him taking notes on her little clipboard. All I can think is that Mama Isabel and Camila are in deep trouble and that I am going to have to move out because their house is about to be liquidated. Literally- this chick is noting the paintings on the wall, looking around and asking how many floors the house has. 
On the contrary- once Mama Isabel returns frantically from work, asks me a million questions about what happened, how the man got in the house and what he wanted- I learn that apparently they were looking for the dead beat dad. From what I understood, the dad still uses this house's address as his own and apparently he is trouble with the PO-lice. thanks chilean papa. I always wondered what you would be like. 
Come full circle, Mama is asking me how the heck the man and the women got in the house without my knowledge and I'm trying to figure out how to say- I left the sliding door in the kitchen open because its 100 degrees in here and I needed the breeze. This is no joke- the PO-lice just strolled right in to the house scaring me half to death- not to mention, totally illegal. She calls a lawyer, calls her ex and then proceeds to cry on my shoulder for a good 60 seconds. Talk about a great start to the week. 
Despite all this drama-rama (which I most certainly thought would put my in first place for host family incidents), after reading the latest blog post by Sara (my lovely and hilarious friend)- which you should also read here: 
I realized that Chilean families are just like American families- dysfunctional and worthy of a telenovela. 

So now that you have the background info- I'll move on the lesser and greater parts of the week(:

Highlights included some overly crowded buses, my first hotdog (sans mayo- even though she made homemade mayo, it just looked too gross :/ Sorry Mama!), and INCREDIBLY HOT, long days. I've survived and will continue to survive- especially if I can vent here. I hope you find my stories as funny as I do when I re-tell them. I will add on to this week's chronicle mañana hopefully. Loves

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