Tuesday, March 31, 2015

This is not the one about my crazy adventure in Caleu...

If you stumbled upon my friend Hannah's blog

then you know that she and I had a pretty epic adventure in Caleu, Chile this past weekend. Unfortunately for you- I'm not ready to write that post because I want to first remember a few things I had written down for a more general blog post...you can read about Caleu when I get back from my epic trek part 2.0 to Patagonia, next Tuesday that is....if you can't wait- you should check out the link above! It is incredibly accurate and has some nice photos.
Until then, here are some anecdotes for your entertainment and for my keepsake(:
First things first I just want to note that I added a tremendous amount of photos to the previous posts if you wanna check those posts out for some nice visuals- in case you don't have the (face)book up and running(;
Now- for the random stories, I will begin with my trip to "La Veja" with Mama, Camila and her friend. We drove up to this enormous market of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts, spices- aka: where Carly will go to heaven and rest in peace. Luckily I had previously been once, so Mama did not have to witness my awe and overwhelming desire to walk down every aisle. This place is HUGE- I'm talking the size of a super target- the kind that has the pizza hut, starbucks, etc in the front! yeah- that place is paradise. 

As you can see- we have pupmkin squashes at least two times larger than my pumpkin head- I mean, use that car for a size reference if you don't believe me! 

Can you spot the "tunas" - remember those cactus fruits I told you about?

The sign next to this one (with the strawberries) let the world know that if they went anywhere else for strawberries that they would just be disapointed...I tried to take a picture of that stand but- it seems like the Chileans were taking that statement pretty seriously- including my Mama(;

Last but not least is a supply of carrots fit for a king Carly

Sometime later that week (remember- I am quite behind on this blogging thing) I decided to treat myself to a Starbucks latte(: 1950 Chilean Pesos later, I effectively ordered a decaf, skim milk latte with Vanilla syrup- too bad it was for "Corny"...

Another day that week- brace yourselves....IT RAINED! I survived my first (and probably one of the very few) rain storms that provided a beautiful clear view of the snow capped mountains that are usually hidden behind the haze. This picture doesn't even do it justice, but just imagine the Colorado mountains juxtaposed against a metropolitan city- it's quite the contrast.

Ill leave you with a fun anecdote I have to steal from my fellow CIEE student (from my study abroad program). He was telling us that his Mama kept saying that he did not eat enough food and that he needed to eat more (that's not the first time I've heard that one...). His host brother then proceeded to roll his eyes and utter the classic line- "Mom, we're just not like the other people. We're different!" Lol, I hope you get that pop culture reference. I don't even think it's from a specific movie but it just about sums up my life here in Chile. There is a serious struggle to eat all the food they expect you to eat here...so much bread...so little stomach...

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