Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mama please stop throwing away my food in the fridge :(

How is it that Mama manages to keep broccoli, squash, apples and potatoes until they are moldy and stinky- yet she frequently throws out something I have in the fridge for more than two days. WHY. Bye bye yummy pumpkin/bean/collards pasta thing that I was going to have for lunch today. One day I will understand the logic of Chilean thought processes....
Speaking of mysteries: the mysterious boy in the photos on the wall has been identified. When I was sitting in the car with Mama on the way to La Vega (gigantic, magical fruit and veggie market where she goes every week to purchase our produce for the week) she casually mentioned that she talked to her son on the phone and that he was happy, which in turn made her happy. Her son- this a metaphorical son or an actual son? Is this kid related to Camila or are there two dead beat dads in the picture? Oh the questions I wanted to ask. The funny thing is that if the situation had been reversed I'm sure she would have had no problem asking me a million personal questions- seriously these guys have no filter. Do you have a boyfriend? What does your dad do? Do you have a big house? Who pays for your expensive wine habits? Do you get an allowance? Oye dios mama. I promise I'm not a spoiled rich white girl! (Although that may be up to interpretation...)
Since apparently she had OBVIOUSLY mentioned this son before in the past...I didn't want to act too alarmed and ask too many questions but from the few I did ask, I gathered that he is 33 years old, lives in China and thats about it. What he does, why he is there (actually she did mention something about him switching jobs to make more money- Chileans are slightly fixated on making a lot of money and consumerism- really, it's not just a stereotype I swear- we talked about it in Spanish class) or how long he will be staying there- but now I know that Camila only has only child syndrome, she actually has an older brother!- so really there is no excuse....except for Mama's serious babying habit- alright I think this is turning into a run on sentence so imma stop now(:
In other news, today I went on a 3 hour hike right outside of Santiago, yesterday I FINALLY got my bottle of wine and pretended that I like to socialize. Whenever someone mentions meeting up at Plaza Nuñoa I feel obligated to go because it's only like 15 minutes from my house and in reality most of the bars and other parties everyone wants to go to are so far from my house- therefore when my friend posted on facebook about how her Mama Chilena thinks she is a homebody (it doesn't take much- my Mama is always like don't you have a party or something to go to tonight? lol) I couldn't help but relate and help a girl out by meeting up for drinks in Plaza Nuñoa. Additionally there is an ice cream place that is far too easy to make use of and there is reason #2 for my facade of socialization(; 
Proof of my love
Let's be real- I had to make up for my entire day of me time and "Carly you can treat yourself because you just took an exam and you did great!" This consisted of:
*a 6 dollar ice cream cone- didn't see that price coming...but I don't think they would have liked to see the dine and dash trick...although in a mid sentence thought: here's an interruption/quick story: the first ice cream place I went to had a bunch of flavors and me being me felt the need to try all (4) of them. Upon my last request to try another flavor I was like don't worry- this will be my last one- and he replies- I know, we have a four flavor sample limit! lol, the best is that I didn't even end up liking ANY of their flavors (a lot of flavors here are really sweet, don't have enough chocolate or have too much dulce de leche) and therefore I played the- "I need to think about which flavor I want" card and promptly left to never return...oops
*a winter jacket- because I have become a true chilean and freak out whenever it is 50 degrees outside
*a new watch band- my sport watch band freakishly broke and thus I somehow convinced this watch man to pretty please try and see if he could get ANY watch band to fit my watch face because I was in serious watch withdrawal
and last but not least
*a FABULOUS filet of Salmon that was only mostly overpriced and slightly embarrassing to consume solo. Nevertheless it was all great. Until I decided to top it off with a nice glass of wine- I blame my parents who have no self-control and have yet to Skype me without showing off their full glasses of freshly poured wine. apparently talking to me is chore or something...(; Anywho, I decided to just buy a bottle and called it a night but things didn't exactly go as planned. Upon my suggestion of leaving the house to go buy a bottle of wine real quick (which would have been INCREDIBLY simple) Mama didn't quite react as I thought she would. She, along with Camila and pololo all laughed at me and questioned why I could possibly need to have a glass of wine right that moment. I tried to convince them that I wasn't intending to finish the whole bottle, but that I just wanted one glass.
Caught in the act
Of course I didn't want to do all of this in secret because that would probably have been worse...but let's just say somehow instead of me buying my own bottle of wine- Mama and I ended up splitting one of her mini bottles, like MINI bottles (maybe a 1/4 regular glass per person). Nevertheless I had my drink and she had hers and we watched the news together and all was good until she weirdly and rudely called someone in the middle of our bonding time...I don't GET IT. Another instance of this strange (but potentially not strange in Chilean culture) and rude behavior was when the other day I asked mama if I had enough time to go on a run before she was serving lunch and she said of course! Yet when I returned about 30 minutes later, she and Camila had empty plates and were sitting at the kitchen table- they ate without me....interesante. 
LIVE UPDATE: she thinks I'm an alcoholic/wine addict. she literally just asked me when I was going to have wine. Out of the blue. And I'm like what do you mean when??... I literally responded, if you want me to have wine I will but I don't have plans otherwise (that's right- I got sassy there). Her idea of an acceptable time to have a glass of wine or a beer is possibly once a week- maybe not even that much though. So when I told her that my parents had a glass with dinner every night...yeah um. cultural conflict. 
Back to the grumblings from the week...
This wednesday Hannah and I discovered a sushi place that gives a 50% discount if you pay in cash! Additionally I discovered that chicken sushi is a thing here, cream cheese was in the majority of the rolls and they even had one with CORN! ew
I also bought a plane ticket to Uruguay for May 14-18, I'm going to Viña del Mar next weekend for a night (hopefully it won't be too cold because it's the beach and I've been wanting to go the whole trip!) and Mama informed me that she has to be out of town from next thursday until next monday. This actually doesn't affect me much because I will only be home that sunday and monday. She feels really bad and I'm sure she will leave plenty of food(: 
I'll leave it at that. If you are feeling compassionate, send your thoughts to those in the south of Chile who were affected by the volcano eruption and to those in Nepal who had a massive earthquake. Oye dios. The disasters just keep coming (floods in the north, fires on the beaches and volcano eruption in the south!)


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