Friday, April 10, 2015

My last page of notes I have saved to blog about...

So these blog posts are becoming more random as we progress- sorry about that. I feel like I'm at the point in my study abroad where my spanish is decent, I have re-taught myself how to do homework and my mama no longer hides her passive aggressive nature....lolz. Oh mama. She has a habit of repeating her stories over and over *cough dad* and most of them include life lessons about how not to be a bad host student (make sure you compliment her food and don't stay in your room the whole semester...) and others include her summary of what it means to be a host mom (clean the house, wash the clothes, cook- things that she insists she does spectacularly...). Last but not least she just got off the phone with her mother (my abuelita you could say) and spent the last ten minutes complaining about how I just mentioned that the peanut butter jar was almost empty...eek! I don't know where the line is apparently....She bought it for me the first time so I just figured I would mention it- but we shall see! Of course I have no problem buying my own peanut butter too..The thing is- when she then came down to the kitchen and started talking to me she was all smiles- oye dios. These Chileans and their cooped up emotions- I guess we all need to vent.
On the flip side- my mentor- a Universidad de Chile student that was assigned to me- Andrea, is the bomb dot com. We meet last week over dinner and she was incredibly friendly and happy to help me practice my Spanish. She also rolls her own cigarettes- so there's that. She claims that if she rolls them then she know's what's in them, ie: no nicotine (not sure I believe that's how it works...but then again I don't know much about tobacco). I knew she was a keeper because she also agreed to have our first meet up at a pizza place that got rave reviews on Trip Advisor (so of course I knew it HAD to be good). Nom Nom!
Her first impression of me via facebook? I must really like wine and sports because that basically sums up the contents of my facebook photo library- very accurate eh. Maybe I should start putting down my glass of wine before posing for all facebook-possible pics (said no one ever..)

I'll leave you with a summary of my recent bus ride companions- so far I've had the lady that talks to herself, the students that walk on the bus like they own it- and somehow talk their ways out of paying (like way more than "that one time"), additionally I've had the overly-nice grandmas that stand up out of their seat claiming that they are getting off soon- and then proceed to remain on the bus even after I hop off- and my favorite- the lady that asked for my bag and then proceeded to hold it in her lap for me (so she could watch it and no one would pickpocket my stuff) the entire bus ride while I stood squished up against the hand rail. Oh the bus- what great friends you introduce me too...

GET READY for the PATAGONIA POST! It's coming folks(:


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