Wednesday, May 20, 2015


And no one even tried to contact me to make sure I was okay. What is this life. Isolation? Ignorance? 
Here's the info: 
Lunes, 11 de Mayo de 2015, 21:38. Un leve sismo se registró en la Región Metropolitana. El movimiento tuvo una magnitud 3,5 y el epicentro se ubico a 18 kms al oeste de la localidad de Farellones. // Monday, May 11th, 2015, 9:38pm. A minor earthquake was recorded in the Metropolitan Area. The movement had a magnitude of 3.5 and the epicenter was located 18 km to the West of the town of Farellones. 

I realized I never published it's gonna be a short one. Let's see- there was an earthquake, we had a Mother's Day feast of pork tenderloin, celery/radish/avocado salad, pebre (you should know what it is by now), rice and boiled cauliflower. Wow now that I write that down it seems quite random but the pork tenderloin was pretty good and Mama shared some vino with me so overall it was a good day(:
oh and here is a fun fact I don't think I ever mentioned: Chileans use shelf stable milk...which is fine, until Camila finishes the carton and then doesn't put a new one in the fridge and I have to use warm milk in my cereal....

Last fun fact? The beautiful colors of the sunrise and sunset are actually produced due to the contamination/pollution in the sky. How strangely, yet sadly beautiful. I'll leave you with this-

The Uruguay post is coming soon(:

PS- mom if you are reading this again...I made the correction for YOU!

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