Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Playing Ketchup

So this post was gonna be a re-cap of my time at Colchagua Valley but then I got all rant-y and this happened haha-

I have been off my game lately. It got so bad that I started writing down the embarrassing things I have been doing lately. The list started off with the time when I pushed and said excuse me to everyone in the metro train so that I could fit in without the doors closing on me. Thirty seconds later, after I have annoyed just about the entire metro car, when I had semi-successfully arranged myself in a way that would only potentially allow my backpack to get smashed in the doors, I realized that I would have been going the wrong direction and therefore I jumped out of the metro car and ran over to the other side. Oops. 
Secret picture on a crowded bus- I counted 65 and then I stopped- because I couldn't count them all- also this is a school bus sized automobile....
The saga continued a week later when I got on a bus that I had taken before to meet up with my friends to watch the copa game. I wasn't sure exactly of the bus's route but I was pretty sure it would pass the station I needed. Nope. The sad part is that lately I had been bragging about how I knew the routes for like 7 buses to get home. However, after passing more and more unrecognizable land marks I realized that I was way off the route I thought the bus was going to take. I hopped off and paid a cab driver 6 dollah to salvage my pride and arrive on time because there was no way I would know any buses in that area. Oye.
The next and last story is just plain BAD- two days ago...I get off a metro to transfer to another metro and I just follow the herd of people to get on the next connection train. I sit down, mind my own business, do a little homework and nada más. It takes me FIVE STOPS before I realize I am going the wrong direction. In Santiago transit time that is a lot. I think my brain is deteriorating or something because my Spanish is plateauing, my English is getting worse and my ability to study or work for longer than 1 hour is virtually nonexistent. I blame jet lag (lies I've never been across a time zone- but maybe it's contagious and I got it on all the planes I've been on!) and pisco  (my favorite chilean brandy that goes great with coca cola) (;
Random beautiful sunset shot on my street- check that contaminación (;
In other news- it's been damn cold. the cold here will be hard for you to understand because I would wager a few dollars to bet that you have never woken up in 40 degree weather...unless...have you been camping? Alright- but.. were you camping for a month and a half? Oh yeah that's right- hand over the money son because I win this one(; 
In all honesty it could be worse really but nevertheless imma complain a little about how hard it is to get out of bed, from beneath five blankets (none of which are heating blankets that some of my friends have been blessed with) into the chill of my room. Let's not even talk about showering...can't even. The thing is- we Americans are used to a cold in which you suffer when you are outside but then once you get into your car, house, classroom, etc. you warm up pretty quick. But here....there is no refuge. Especially when mama decides that it's a bad idea for her little girl (me) to be at home alone with the heat on. What if there is an earthquake? What if I forget to turn off the gas when I leave? What if I'm an adult and deserve to spend my days in heat?! One day when there was an earthquake up north she called and asked if I had the heat on (which I did because Camila had just left the house). She told me I had to turn it off because there might be an earthquake in santiago (HIGHLY unlikely), and the heater might fall over and it could catch the house on fire (once again- the chances were like one in a million). That day from freakin 4:00 in the afternoon until 10:00 at night (when mama finally got home) I spent the day under my covers, essentially incapable of doing an homework. Well it was a pretty good excuse in theory not to do my homework...but the point is she doesn't trust me with the gas heater which is totally unjust because I am a young adult and can handle it just like everyone else in my program...

Intermission= some photos I've started taking to document my everyday life because I actually didn't take many in the beginning and I wanna remember everything(:
Mi casa is the one farthest to the left with the gate- it's like a town house so not all of that is our house 
always on strike- that big face on the side of the building is the boy that got seriously injured by the police repression in a recent protest (yes it was proven to be unprovoked and the police's fault)

Those would be chairs in the fencing- they are on strike- for reals 

I made them meatloaf with asparagus and they loved it!

Universidad Catolica and it's fall beauty 
The lovely gym and the view of the mountains
Fall on campus!

My street in three views

Last but not least we have the first Chilean fútbol game I watched at a bar with my friends. It was great (after we found a bar that had affordable beer and seats). I went with my Chilean friend I met at my salsa classes and his friend. The actual watching of the game involved lots of chanting, cursing, drinking and those loud noise maker things. But the aftermath is probably what I will remember most. We all headed to Plaza Italia (like a 5 minute walk from where we were) and we joined the masses that had migrated over to the heart of the party. Everyone was rallied up because we had just won 2-0 and thus just as those silly college kids climb the goal posts after their home football games- Santiago teens proceeded to climb the lovely Manuel Baquedano on his horse (statue). OF COURSE i did not participate in this grandad- I merely took pictures and scouted out the first taxi I could find (it was freezing and I was hungry). Thus I will leave you with these (;


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