Monday, June 22, 2015

The crazy Italian lady that just so happens to be my Ceramics TA

And my personal assistant apparently...
Today Francisca, the peppy teaching assistant for my Ceramics class ended up essentially painting my one bowl for me. She kept showing me things and then I would intend to finish them myself but sometimes she just gets into it and she just is chatting and chatting and she is so good at fixing all my sub-par masterpieces that I am fine talking her up while she makes my pieces more beautiful. The best part though was when she was showing me how to dry the paint so that it doesn't drip by holding it next to the portable heater she found in the closet (probably from 1990). Next thing I know she is laughing as she wipes her finger on my piece to pick up the excess paint and then wipes it on a nearby stool. She giggles and tells me "we shouldn't do this". LOL she is a child I tell you. I love it. 
Other important things I know about this lady? Essentially her life story...or the bits and pieces I picked up. She is Italian, used to be an alcoholic and likes to wear colorful clothing because her grandmother used to dress her in bright colors so that she wouldn't get lost in the snow. She thinks that Americans use more color with their art and clothing but she told me that it reminds her of her there's that. I think we might be friends(;
Other schenanigans of Chile include my canine friend who decided he needed to take the bus to his next destination. One day I am minding my own business, sitting on the bus- when a dog hops up on the bus (from the middle doors- he didn't even have to pass the bus driver!) and sits right up under a seat. Guess he just needed a lift eh
Can you see him?!
How bout the fact that my cycling class was cancelled today along with all and any sports on campus due to the severity of the contamination. 
Even with the smog campus is GORGEOUS
Of course I didn't know this until I showed up (hey- walking across campus with the intent to exercise is kinda like the same thing as exercising right?) but I should have taken the hint last night when Mama informed me that there were going to be a lot of transportation restrictions today (only license plates with certain numbers, like odd/even, can drive on certain days) but then again she also informed me that I would get sick if I didn't blow dry my hair before going to bed- ain't nobody got time for that. Ps- my bed has Ariel sheets on it right now(;

On the bright side I went to this cute little cafe I had been eyeing for weeks. Whenever I am on the bus I like to look out the window and search for hidden gems or places that look worthwhile. Especially now that I am coming in on the home stretch I've been trying to check them out one by one. The lady was adorable- It is just too cute when older ladies call you "quĂ© necesitas linda" // it's along the lines of "what can I do for you beautiful- and she made a fine Moccacino. Step one to effectively writing a 10 page paper in Spanish is getting coffee in your bloodstream. 
Step two is to repress any desire to have fun for the next 5 hours because while it may have taken me a week to write this paper in ENGLISH, my paper about the corruption and crime of Latin America can now be added to my list of things I've done that ate up a 1/100 of my lifetime that I can never get back. aka- too long. 
Something else interesting I wanted to mention before I forget is the absurdity of the way you sign credit card receipts. You sign your name of course but then you have to either put your passport number or your RUT (Chilean ID number) underneath. Seriously- are you going to track me down if I don't pay- granted that you can actually read my scribbles or that I put the right number....
Other things I will probably forget if I don't record them= everyday life
How bout them sheets- gotta love em'
I will never forget the street dogs
Some little fairy in Santiago has been putting jackets on the street dogs- it is TOO CUTE
or the MASSES of people waiting for the metro during rush hour
Street vendors selling sopapillas (fried dough- I'm almost positive a version of fried dough exists in every country- churros, donuts, funnel cakes...)

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