Wednesday, July 22, 2015


There are some things I haven't told you. Some things you probably don't want and don't need to know. Because typically ignorance is bliss. But in this case I'm being selfish and making this my public journal, and a way to remember my experiences for a long time. So if you are over the age of 70 or have had a previous experience with anxiety about my safety in Chile, skip to the sappy part about me leaving Chile....or just know that I survived so all the things I did in the past were a-okay. 
Confession- once I got in a cab that didn't have a meter
I got in that cab with my drunk friend who insisted that he would pay once we realized there was no meter and that we should probably find another cab. But no- he insisted it would be fine and that he would pay. When we arrive at our destination he realizes he has no money- and therefore I pay for the 10 dollar taxi (in retrospect this would have been cheap for how long the drive was- but you have to take into account what about to say to counter that point...). I paid with a 10.000 bill (20 bucks) and he gave me back a 5.000. All was fine- I wasn't kidnapped, robbed of my cell phone and credit cards or anything like that. 
BUT, the next day when I went to pay for my bus ticket, the lady looks at me with a raised eyebrow and tells me that the 5.000 I am trying to use is fake. counterfeit. not accepted. 
She GIVES ME BACK the counterfeit money (I still have it- but I am really not sure why she was going to let that one stay in circulation..) and I am thoroughly embarrassed and angry that the cab driver essentially robbed me of ten extra dollars and that my friend owed me big time. 
Confession- I never told you that once when I was riding a bus and really had to pee (what else is new) so I used their bathroom; which turned out to lack any lighting, and therefore I peed in the pitch black darkness in what I prayed was the toilet (and that the lid was not closed) and threw my toilet paper out the open window- oops. 
Confession- I have been to this heladerĂ­a five times in the past three weeks. They know my name. I have convinced my favorite lady who works there to break the rules and let me order three flavors instead of the two that all other patrons must finally decide upon. I am quite the charmer eh?
Confession- almost every single time I plugged in my computer charger to the outlet it would spark...oops
Confession- one of the things I will most in Chile is the liquor to soft drink ratio here in Chile....let's just say its more than 1:1
Confession- Actually I will probably miss the price you can find for a pretty damn good bottle of red wine. 5 dollars!? Please somebody find me this steal in the states...
Confession- On the subject of alcohol...I have come home slightly drunk before only to be interrogated (this is an exaggeration- she was merely making small talk- but when you are tipsy, questions in spanish are hard) by Mama and I just played it cool. Another time she came down to the kitchen at 2am when I had just gotten back from a party and was making myself a bowl 
Confession- I haven't cried yet. I've been holding it in. I'll probably get an aneurism or something because I've heard it's bad for your mental health to hold back the tears. But when Mama comes in and asks if she can help me pack, or when I'm swiping my metro card and the person behind me is in a hurry and I get hit by a wave of emotion or when I order my final starbucks coffee and realize that I will never come back to this campus again- these moments are just not ideal for getting weepy. I can't cry because it will probably turn into an ordeal and I just don't like being stared at more than I already am. 
Confession- When Danielle finally gets here I will probably cry. a lot. 

so I just realized I never posted this...I didn't cry when she came, but I did have a meltdown a little later in the game; but its all good now.

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