Monday, May 21, 2012

Cheers for the Freakin' Weekend; and the end of School!

Oh my. I have one day left of high school. One day! ahhh I'm so happy and relieved. We get our yearbooks tomorrow so I hope that I can get everyone to sign it (I know right, you would think we would get them earlier, especially since we are seniors and this is our last one...) Anyways. I thought I would keep this post short, and stick with my top five favorites from this weekend, because I'll have to do a full post on it's own for my Warrior Dash adventure(:

1. My NikeID shoes came in!!! So colorful and comfy (so far, I'll keep you updated because I have yet to run in them, haha, even though that's what I got them for, hey! I've been taking a little break from running since my insane 3.8 mud run(:

2. Having time to try all of Ashley's recipes! I love this girl's blog, in fact I may have to name it as my favorite(: Sorry guys! This Sunday it was half of her Savory Zucchini Bread and half of the Cinnamon Zucchini Bread; I just couldn't decide! Both were delish, and I only have one picture because I forgot haha. but I have tons more in the freezer for future meals, so I am sure you will be seeing the results soon.
I used the savory flatbread to make a mini pizza with marinara, this black bean salsa my mom made with corn, tomatoes and cilantro and daiya cheese. It was also good with a schmear of sunflower seed butter!

The only changes I made were with the cinnamon one, which I used millet flour instead of oat flour (because that's what it called for in the savory bread and I was making one of each) and I used one tablespoon of applesauce and one tablespoon of coconut oil instead of two tablespoons of oil (only because I wanted to see if that worked, because it worked for the savory version too). And like I said they turned out great! I can't wait to experiment with more of her recipes now that school is pretty much out and I will have more time in the kitchen(: yay for summer! haha I love how I am looking forward to cooking in the summer, when most look forward to the pool, hanging out with friends and just chilling (and don't get me wrong I will be doing all the above too) but it just shows how much I love cooking compared to most kids my age who can only make cereal.


3. This music cover of Jason Mraz's "I Won't Give Up," I love the original so much, but this kid actually went to my school last year (he's now in college at UNCC) and he is soooo good! I love this video and have been literally watching it on repeat; go check it out!!

4. Peanut Butter Cheerios! I know this isn't your first time hearing about them because they are all over the blog world, but lately they have been making appearances on smoothies [in a bowl; cause that's how the cool kids do it!], on oatmeal and my frozen yogurt messes.

On top of a green monster! 
5. These compression socks (scratch that, I just looked it up and they call them leg sleeves haha) I got at Omega Sports (not sure if that is a national chain or just a local place) with giftcards I won when my dad, my sister and I won a duathalon (it was a relay with me running a 5K, my dad biking a 21K and then my sister running a 5K) Anyways.. he is a biker, like hard-core, I'm talking 50-100 miles on a Saturday ride, and he swears by these compression socks. Apparently they prevent muscle soreness/fatigue. Of course his aren't hot pink ti-dyed and cool like mine, but hey, not everyone can pull of this shade of pink(: In case you were wondering I got this brand and they were about forty dollars (so I hope they work!)

Okay, so I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, and hopefully you are as lucky as I am in being out of school real soon to start summer!!!

Question: Do you like long posts every once in a while (or do you not really read them all and just scroll to the pics like I sometimes do, hehe) or would you rather a few short posts every couple of days? Just wondering(:

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