Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Highlights from (Memorial Day) Weekend

So this weekend I went with the family to Greenville, SC for the National Biking Championship; my dad is a HUGE biker. But to back it up, on Saturday morning I had a graduation party with my two best friends and it was a success(: It was a cute little brunch with flowers, friends and tons of food!

The flowers

 Drinks; they had cute little labels(:

 The food spread; We had fruit, quiche, salad, cheese/meat platter with bagels and a granola bar with yougrt and berries, mmmm

 The set-up; do you like the baby to grad pics?

The desserts; chocolate tofu mousse with mint oreo crumbles (we tied on the cute little spoons, ftw) 
how many guests knew that there was tofu in their dessert? none(:

 Man these tables and funky chairs took forever to set-up!

The hostesses!

Okay so now that the party pics are up, yeah I know theres like a millon, I can talk about the Greenville Bike Race. Or my eats, you know, the part that I can actually elaborate on(: I'll post some cool pics of the pro bikers on a later post though because I definitely actually got some decent pictures of the race!

 The car ride there included a veg burger (Dr. Praegger's) and carrot&sp fries. Plus Graffito's new song!
And as you may have seen on instagram; on of the fifteen ways to tie a scarf; via pinterest(: #shamelesslyaddicted

My dad did the charity ride that was before the pro race and he got a sign made when he signed up for the race (proceeds went to a charity for cancer research) in memory of his mom, she, my grandma, died three years ago from breast cancer. I love this picture because it's nice to see him smile because I know we all miss her so much :(

On a happier note; I'll leave you to drool over my creation from a coffee shop in Greenville called Spill the Beans. They have this awesome machine that somehow combines your toppings into your ice cream or frozen yogurt. It's like magical. 
And here's the order:

vanilla yogurt + coffee + toffee bits + hazelnuts + waffle cone = bliss

Have you ever been to Greenville (it's such a cool town!) or seen a professional bike race? I've seen quite a few because my dad loves them. Actually when I was younger, we went to France to see some of the stages of the Tour de France..anyways...

What's your favorite froyo creation? Have you ever seen a machine like that?

And finally, are you done with school yet? I know you're jealous if you haven't; sorry(; and keep pushing because I'm sure you're almost there

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  1. Your weekend looks like a blast Carly! I have never been to Greensville, but I'm so jealous that you have! That sign is awesome, I'm so sorry for you and your dad's loss. But anyway, that froyo maker...awesome possum!!! I love cake batter fro yo with overloads of sprinkles!!! And yes I'm done with school, phew!