Sunday, May 27, 2012

Warrior Dash Recap (i'll keep it short and sweet)

So last Saturday, (yes sorry it took so long to do the recap...) I did the Warrior Dash. It's a mud run, if you haven't heard of it, I would be surprised. haha just kidding. But this is the second? year in a row I think that they have come to Charlotte, NC. It is a 3.8 mile course with 12 obstacles. The money went to St.Judes, and it was some fun stuff!

I barely got to the course on time (wow I know right; I'm just so timely when it comes to races, oops!) There was a ton of traffic, so I literally had to run down the road to the entrance of the race where parking was. Someone even shouted, "Save your energy!" But i didn't want to miss my start time! So I finally got there, received my free shirt and hat; (check it out below), free granola (yay for free food!) and my number (well duh). Thankfully I found someone I knew to hold my stuff because my dad hadn't even reached the course yet, due to traffic. I suited up (well in my case, de-suited haha, because I decided to wear just a sports bra after reading several tips for mud runs online) and headed to the start.

Oh yes; lovely picture I know(:
So I ran the course in about 47 minutes (hey I did beat my XC coach and I came in 12th in my age group), but it was soooo fun. There was one part of the course where you had to swim! I couldn't believe it when I got there. It was extremely cold and filled with grass and muck. Yuck! The other obstacles I can remember (haha, it was last week) were mostly walls that you had to climb over and then use a ladder to get down the other side. This one obstacle included getting on top of cars and walking across the hoods and tops of cars, leading to tires on the ground that you had to jump in an out of (you know like you see for football training on tv?). 

Anywho, for anyone who might do a mud run or the Warrior Dash, I would give you the following advice:

1. Wear knee-high socks or even socks that go over your knees because at the end when you go through the mud pit, it's really rocky and my friend got all scratched up (luckily I had on knee-high socks, because of my prior "research," haha. 

2. Like I read online I would stick with tight clothing and less is more. Seriously, there were tons of guys in speedos! But a lot of people had costumes too, so that's always fun if you want to go that path

3. Make sure you bring something to change into after you get hosed down, because not only are you muddy and gross, but also kinda chilly since you are wet. Oh and bring tons of towels and wet-wipes, and I even brought a gallon of water to pour on myself because it's hard to get clean when tons of people are trying to get hosed down too! 

Oh and the best part about the Warrior Dash? You get to jump over fire!!

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