Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Let's Do This; WIAW (My First Day of Summer!)

Yay for summer!!! It's so weird that I will never be going back to my high school again; Okay so maybe that's a bit dramatic, haha but at least not this year, because graduation practice isn't even at school. So heres my eats from today, since it's summer I can actually post them from this wednesday, May 23rd(:

Thanks Jenn for hosting!

9:15 am snack en route to a yoga class at the YMCA. Grapes on a skewer, haha it was cool! dipped in this ah-mazing Peanut, Cashew and Almond Butter I got a target (it's delish and theres not added oils or sweeteners! yay for target and their awesome prices!)

9:30 am I soooo thought that today was Tuesday (I mean really who keeps track of the days of the week in the summer!) So I thought that the yoga class started at 9:25, oops. It started at 9:45, so I decided to get a mini snack from the vending machine, to hold me over since I would be getting home later and bought some animal crackers to dip in my remaining PB

12:00 pm Some unpictured samples from the grocery store; corn nuts (soooo addicting!), watermelon and pineapple (I'm so glad it's melon season! they are so juicy!) Plus my mom treated me to a starbucks drink, see if you can figure out what it is from all the writing, haha, yuup I am complicated(:

So it was a grande blonde roast with one pump mocha and one pump coconut with soymilk (no whip, no foam) yuup I went there(:

2:00pm Mango Coconut Vanilla Protein Overnight Oats
I based it off this recipe, but here's what went in:

1/3 cup oats
1/3 cup Trader Joe's Light Coconut Milk (from the can)
1/3 cup plain greek yogurt
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (i use this brand, not my favorite, I actually like Trader Joe's Vanilla Soy Protein Powder better but we were out)
1 large mango, cubed
1 frozen banana
Toppings: grape nuts, freeze dried bananas (I'm obsessed!) and toasted coconut flour (We are out of coconut flakes)

Night before: Make sure you freeze a banana and then combine the rest of the ingredients and place in a refrigerator.
Morning: Process the banana to make banana soft serve and layer the overnight oats from the fridge with grapenuts, banana soft serve and top with the toasted coconut (If you are toasting the coconut make sure you watch it so it doesn't burn because it cooks super quick), more grapenuts and the freeze dried bananas Enjoy!

P.S; does anyone have any tips on how they make their banana soft serve? I made mine in a mini processor and it took forever! Plus I'm afraid I'm going to burn up the motor because it was blending for so long...Do you guys use a food processor? Or should I try a blender?

5:00 pm I must have been on the computer for a few hours editing my blog; do you like the new banner and icons? And I sorta forgot to eat, haha oops, then I was faced with a wave of hunger. I went downstairs to the basement and grabbed a burrito from the freezer. Um shah, and it was delish. While it was in the microwave cooking, I snacked on some carrots and my favorite hummus (yes I was that hungry haha). This burrito was actually quite good! It had a great sauce filling and some veg, it was weird though cause I didn't even tast black beans..maybe it was in the sauce?

Before dinner I snacked on some random raw okra. No I am not crazy. Yes it is amazing and I may be currently on a kick of raw okra (oh and goat cheese, i'm loving Trader Joe's creamy goat cheese right now!)

7:30 pm I actually wasn't even really hungry due to my prior burrito, but the fam was ready to eat so I made a salad to go with our grilled pork tenderloin, which I actually didn't honestly finish. It had everything but the kitchen sink; roasted broccoli, toasty kale chips, spring mix (lettuce), cucumber, mushroom, broccoli slaw, wasabi peas, pork,  sprouts, roasted cauliflower (Mama Pea's tasty recipe that I freezed a while ago), all drizzled with tahini dressing, bbq sauce and spicy mustard. Random yes, but also very good.

9:30 pm After I walked Maia with my dad I made up my favorite frozen cottage cheese mess. This time it was a silken tofu, cottage cheese, pumpkin, applesauce, cinnamon/nutmeg/almond extract, frozen raspberry and frozen cherry mess, woah that was a mouthful. Topped with strawberries, blackberries, goji berries, cacao nibs, chocolate square, triple chocolate vitatop; yeah I was craving chocolate I guess(:

So if you made it this far; Thanks for reading haha(:

Have you ever tried freeze-dried bananas? What is your favorite freeze dried fruit? I also love Trader Joe's freeze-dried raspberries(:

Are your Starbucks orders complicated? Baristas are always telling me that they have heard worse but I doubt it :P


  1. That dessert looks awesome! How do you whip it up? AND Amys!! I am definitely her bff ;). Those overnight oats look SO delicious too.

    I've never tried freeze dried fruit, but I do LOVE frozen bananas and grapes.

    1. I use an immersion blender; mine's dishwasher safe so it's so much easier than cleaning an entire blender(: