Thursday, June 7, 2012

Let's Do a Little Marvelous Monday Week Recap(:

So i'm going to keep this post short; but it'll be full of wonderful pics(:

Oh and I'm joining up on Katie's new feature called Marvelous Monday; you should go check it out and all the other wonderful posts that bloggers have linked up with!

Now because It's a (belated, hehe I never got around to posting this) Marvelous Monday, I'm going to share what made my weekend marvelous;

So on Saturday I graduated!! woot woot! I am so excited(: It's weird to be done with grade school but I am so excited to go to college (I have orientation of Wednesday), and I am just so pumped!!

Here's some graduation pics
 With the mom and dad (Don't ask me why we are seperated; haha I couldn't find a family pic for some reason)

Some marvelous (sorry I just can't help myself) eats

 Tropical kale salad, egg white scramble with tofu and veg/ sushi night/ burgers! (bison burger with guac, pickles, tomato, lettuce, fake cheese (haha I think it's like the Veggie Cheese brand) with sweet potato fries and onion rings (my fav!)

And a marvelous giveaway I entered that you should go check out! I've been wanting to try stevia nuNaturals for a long time but I never got around to it because I kept seeing the giveaways and it's a little pricey, so maybe I'll win(:

and yeah i stole that pic from her blog; hehe thanks!

It's at Whole Wheat or Bust this really great blog I found the other day when I was looking at recipes I had pinned from a while back; like I said you should go check it out here!


  1. Oh my goodness Carly! Congrats congrats congrats on graduating! Gosh, you must be SO incredibly stoked. Do you know what college you're going to? To think that I'll be in your shoes next year is crazy! I recently got stevia from a giveaway as well! I tried baking with it today and to say it went horrible would be an understatement :p.

    PS- You are SO pretty!

    1. I'm going to Tulane University which is in New Orleans; Your senior year will be so fun! At least mine was (after all the applications are in, haha) Thank you so much for your sweet comment(: You are so pretty too, i'm so jealous of your long hair!

  2. Im new to your blog and am in love! Congrats on your graduation - you look adorable!

    1. Thanks! I'll have to check out your blog too!