Sunday, June 10, 2012

June (Better Late Than Never Right!)

I'm sure you guys have all seen Kasey's June Powermeal a day, and if you follow me on Instagram (which you should(: at chocolatemilk; haha maybe I'll tell that story one day) you would have seen my colorful eats lately. Although I probably didn't even need this motivation to eat healthy (I'm pretty self motivated; and wow that sounded conceited! But you know what I mean, usually I eat plenty of fruits and veggies, I don't really worry about getting enough into my diet because that just happens to be the food I enjoy eating) I thought that it would be fun to do the challenge, plus I love to see other's meals to get inspiration for new flavors and combinations.  Here's the photo challenge in case you are curious, or are too lazy to click on the link and read up (;

Along with this june challenge and a long with all the other bloggers out there, I made some summer goals! And in taking a cue from Heather, I made an inspiration board

My top goals include:
1. Running/Biking/Swimming a triathlon
2. When I run longer runs (5-7 miles), to run about a 9 minute pace
3. Eat a balanced  diet; and I'm not talking just fruits and veggies. Sometimes I get so caught up in eating healthy and getting enough of the "right" food that I forget to indulge every once in a while and eat the things that I enjoy that aren't as healthy
4. UNPLUG! I need to get off the computer and iPhone, because although I could read blogs and post photos on instagram all day long, I need to use my free time this summer to have fun, get outside, read books (I used to read all the time, and honestly I love reading!) and hang out with my friends
5. Be on Time; hehe I'm really bad about this one, I'm always late :/
6. Go to a Yoga Class or do yoga at home at least once a week; I really want to be able to touch my toes! (and just be more flexible in general)

(so yeah when I looked for a photo of the board I realized I didn't take one, oops)

Other than creating this colorful inspiration board I've been up to some other fun stuff;

Going to the grove park inn with mi madre(:
we actually are going back soon because there wasn't any spaces in the spa! What do you know, another aspect of "being on time" I need to work on, planning ahead!

They had an amazing sports facility, their whole weight room was filled with pink chairs (possibly for breast cancer?)
And this awesome machine; it was called an Endurance 3 Elliptical Trainer and it was so cool! I chose a program with 30 second intervals of just using your arms to pedal, going backwards, lifting your heels and other exercises. It mad the time go by really quickly!

Then their brunch buffet! Mmmm sweet potato pancakes and an omelet bar(:

Making earrings from this bead shop in Asheville and some major shoe shopping(:

Babysitting; which may or may not entail lounging around, playing soccer and finding a worm (Eek!) on the steamed broccoli

We played soccer in the driveaway; I love the bottom left picture, her expression is like "Noooo!"

Taking pictures of their cute dog and lovely flowers

Making the kids healthy dinners while they chill out and watch some tv; and quite possibly look for a full length mirror in the house to take a picture of my cute outfit(:

What have you fun things have you been doing this summer? 
Did you make any unique summer goals? 
and I bet you've answered these before so feel free to just comment about whatever you like(:


  1. Carly you are so cute! I LOVELOVE those earrings! Despite my loathe for children (at times), I used to be a rockin babysitter! You look like one too! I wish that I could've made meals for the kids vs. the parents just preparing everything, but hey, free food!

    Your Summer goals look awesome! I agree that it's "normal" and "okay" to eat a balanced diet! I don't think it's "indulging" to eat ice cream, but it's just as part of a balanced lifestyle as apples are! I, too, want to go to a yoga class! I haven't been to one in years! I've always wanted a yoga buddy too :p. Too bad you don't live closer!

    1. It took a while for their parents to actually understand that I can cook! haha; when I first started they would always order pizza or I would take them out to get burgers. I really want to try hot yoga too; have you tried that?

    2. I have!!! Man, I tried it a few years ago and to say it was horrible would be an understatement. I think I wasn't fully prepared for the extreme heat AND lord behold, the amount of sweaty old shirtless men that took that particular class on that particular day. Lawl :p. BUT, I do want to do it again!!

    3. haha; i wasn't envisioning old men, but hey at the last yoga class I went to there were a few...

  2. I am in love with your earrings girlie and im pretty much loving your outfit too! Ive also recently made a list of my summer goals and have stuck them on my bedroom wall to keep me motivated - I find that really helps! x

  3. Hey Carly! Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm glad to have given you a giggle :)

    I wish you were my babysitter (what's the female equivalent of a 'man-child'? cos that's what I am) - that looks like a kickass dinner!

    I cannot WAIT for it to be summer here. I'm so sick of my bonesssss being cold :( I want pretty fruit and sunshine and bare legs (in a non-creepy way).