Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Making the Best Breakfast!

So lately I've been enjoying the summer mornings when I can make a breakfast that might take a little longer than 10 minutes to make(: So if you don't like 30 minute meals (hey; who doesn't want to be like Rachel Ray?!) then maybe read another one of my posts. 

The two recipes I want to share with you are adapted from Julie at juliegolean (one of my favorite blogs; she is hilarious!) and Ashley at edibleperspective (she is amazing!)

I also saw this on a blog that I found when I was clicking, clicking, clicking on links that led me from blog to blog (don't you ever do that? ;) So I figured why not link up; check out the other links here

And they are....(drumroll please)

Egg White Oats and Popped Amaranth

 This one was by far the best creation I have made yet! It included Julie's basic egg white oats with (Hershey's special dark) cocoa powder, pumpkin, chocolate amazing grass and then topped with strawberries, bananas, raspberries, plus the freeze-dried version of all three, Kashi crunch and a trio of teaspoons (okay so I stole that phrase from Kath) but ever since I tried using three types of nut butter instead of just one I was in love!! Oh right; so I used macadamia coconut butter, sunflower seed butter and chocolate almond butter. Man this bowl was massive, but so was my appetite(:

Heres another version of the egg white oats, similar to the one above with cocoa powder, the berries and topped with cacao nibs, Kashi Go Lean and some sort of nut butter that I cannot recall(:

For my popped amaranth breakfast I used Ashley's cocoa cherry cereal sauce with about 1/3 cup popped amaranth and a banana scramble, I do have a blog crush; yes indeed(:

And here are some better pictures of popped amaranth, via a better camera and a prettier dish to photograph

making the banana scramble

first layer: popped amaranth

layer 2: goji berries

freeze-dried raspberries

and some freeze-dried strawberries

okay last layer I swear (It was just too colorful not to take that many pictures(: Oh and please excuse the dirty bowl, I just didn't want to have so many dishes so I used the same bowl to mix my banana scramble up in)

Topped with the banana scramble

and now it's ugly! haha, well that was the delicious cocoa cherry smoothie I topped my "cereal" with

Check out her tips on how to pop amaranth because man is it tricky! Let me know if you succeed(: you won't be disappointed

I also have one more variation on the popped amaranth I will be posting; that one is pretty I swear(:

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  1. Looks like you've been having fun in the kitchen ;P haha. I know that whenever I try to experiment in the kitchen, it's almost like a hold-your-breath situation because there's a 50/50 chance something will go wrong. BUT, that banana scramble sounds awesome!