Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIAW; possibly a photo dump(:

Yay for WIAW; Thanks Jenn for hosting as always!

Here are some recent breakfasts;

chocolate egg white oats with the works [i'm sure you're getting tired of seeing these toppings(: ] and chocolate chip pancakes (which were not easy to flip!)

 Some sensible and not so sensible ;) snacks

Multiple SmoothieKing Lean 1 Shakes (ohmygosh so good!; try the chocolate and ask them to add peanutbutter) #shamelesslyaddicted and a free cookie from The Fresh Market #foodgasm #chocolatechewie

Plain chobani mixed with Yosoko's Fig yougrt mixed with pinneapple, berries, cereal, LoveGrown and chia #chiamakeseverythingbetter

A snack plate; edamame a la African Smoke Spice, Chicken dumplings and an orange

A lunch out at a local Hispanic Restaurant (only calling it Hispanic because it's a mix of Cuban, El Salvadorian and Mexican food haha) This plate isn't actually mine, it's mi madre's but hers was just prettier(: Don't you love those colors? #spinachcremesauce

And some lunches at home of course:
asian salad with shrimpies, sesame seeds and stir-fry and fruit

Kale smoky salad, leftover pizza and a pear with cinnamon

 Some lovely dinners:

Some bolognese topped with red peppers, spinach and nooch a la green smoothie

Carrot and sweet potato fries a la coconut oil (seriously you must try these, the coconut oil just made them like 10x better; and they were already great before!!)

A black bean burger with avocado and a carrot/turnip slaw (it looks red because the guy said it was made with beets; yum!)


Leftovers; beets, peanut butter tofu (yes these are old photos,,hehe) and tropical kale salad with some more salad and some goat cheese addiction  addition

Okay and I swear these will be the last photos of my nightly dessert (: 

wow; like look at that layering action(:

What do you think of hashtags? Do they annoy you? because been using them nonstop (Don't add me on Instagram if that's a problem haha) I think it's like a cute little afterthought


  1. Wow, everything looks amazing! Especially those nightly desserts! Yum :)

  2. Seriously teach me your ways! I want to eat all of this.

  3. Looking good!! (: Love your blog, it's so inspirational to me! You are followed (:

    1. ah thanks so much for your kind words; you are so sweet!