Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My eats round dos; A little WIAW action

So here's some more of my eats from this past week and an actual day in the life; haha because I know you love just oogling over my pictures of food(: But hey, I do love looking at other's WIAWs because I use them as inspiration, especially when I'm in a rut! Thanks Jenn for hosting(:

So first we have Monday's eats (all of them; I know right, I'm getting fancy now :p)

Let's say 12:00 pm because I got up pretty late that day

Pumpkin Egg White Oats (am I the only one who enjoys it year round?) but wait, get this, they aren't just pumpkin oats, they are Pumpkin BBQ Egg White oats a la wildberry jelly, coconut butter, alm/cash/peanutbutter mix, blackberries and blueberries with a little cinnamon life, grape nuts, kashi cinnamon hearts and some shredded coconut action

2 pm snack
sensible snack~

Handfuls of raw okra x4 (or so haha)

Now we are at my mid-day lunchish; 3pm?

Oh look my dog! haha; she was lounging out in the nice sunshine with me. I was just eatin up my Cinnamon Canteloupe Chia Chiller (i'm liking the alliterations) I based it off this recipe, but I added chia seeds, vanilla extract, xanthan gum and protein powder.

Shall we say 4pm
Sensible snack~

 A snackity snack, Peanutbutter frozen popcorn

5:45pm before my Cardio Funk Class (yes I'm addicted; but the teacher is amazing!)

Chicken salad on a bed of lettuce and arugula with salsa and scoopers (sunchips, flaxseed chips, ricecakes and pretzels)

Sensible snack/dessert~
A little dancin fuel; one of my energy bites!

8:30 pm

 Frozen dessert mess of course (this one had pistachio pudding mix, vanilla protein powder, shredded zucchini along with the fixins, topped with strawbs, freezedried strawbs, chocolate, cacao nibs and a banana bread muffin

Now I'll just dump the rest of my recent eats on ya(: hehe

 Failed crockpot oats on the left and a frozen dessert mess on the right (I realize I'm bad with promises)

2-egg omelet topped with salsa served with roasted dill squash, canteloupe and another fail, a dry pancake haha. And on the right a yummy waffle with soynuts, freezedried strawbs, oreo crumbles and cacao nibs, topped with peanutflour syrup and a sliced nanners (success!)

 Whole-wheat bagel with chicken salad and jalapeƱo jack yogurt cheese

Served alongside red cabbage with avacado, walnuts, wilted arugula and spiralized squash with sauteed mushrooms, tj's seafood medley and marinara, (the bagel is hidden under the lettuce) 

 Part two of my breakfast today (part one went unpictured; a waffle with ssb and bloobs)
This is popped amaranth with a banana cream smoothie (a la incredible greens), strawbs and freezedried bananas and strawberries, cracklin oat bran and shredded coconut

Almond milk "ice-cream" made with chocolate protein powder topped with cocoa "puff"-ins, cacao nibs, sliced nanner, chocolate and blackberries


  1. I just came across you blog and it looks awesome! I'm a student as well
    so I know what it's like to eat healthy on a budget...but totally doable, right? I look forward to reading more of your posts :)

    1. I'll definitely check out your blog! Thanks for reading(: