Tuesday, June 19, 2012


As you can tell I'm not very good with post titles(: I'm super creative, haha. Anyways this past week I went to the beach, (sorry for the MIA) but I really tried to unplug a little there (key word: tried). It's just so hard, because whenever I get bored I go read blogs, or pin recipes, (wow, I really have a life). So instead I've been trying to get in the kitchen (don't know if that's a good thing or not; it's lead to a lot of kitchen experiments (pictures to come)) going outside and reading.

I've been trying to read a couple books at once (I tend to do that a lot). You know what else I seem to be doing a lot lately? apparently talking in pararenthesis, haha that's gotta stop. So here's what I've been reading
I just finished this today! It was good, but in my opinion a bit dragged out and I still love the first one the most (a must read!!)
My summer reading this year; it's non-fiction so at first I was a bit skeptical, but it's really not that bad!

Once again, right off the bandwagon(: I'm not entirely convinced of it's  supposed glamour, but I'm only on chapter

At the beach I did a lot of sleeping, running/biking/swimming (still training for that triathalon); you can even check my progress on dailymile(: you should friend me, (check the side bar for a link!) 

My breakfast for the car ride there; chocolate egg white oats with the works

Once we got there we ate at Oceanic, a restaurant on the beach; it's a tradition, we do it every year when we go! Did I mention that we go to Wrightsville Beach in NC? That's where my mom has been going to the beach since she was a little girl (so for a very long time haha; hope you aren't reading this) Oh and this is my salad that was topped with blackened Mahi Mahi

We went to the Farmer's Market on Monday morning and got some fresh veggies and berries (yum!)

A chobani snack topped with some fresh berries, cereal and cha-cha-chia

We took several walks on the beach (like my new sweatshirt? ;)

crunched on some frozen grapes

made a trip to whole foods and hit up that hot bar! chana masala, cajun shrimp, chicken and rice with spicy black beans and an ensalada

A kitchen experiment; a mix between a powercake and Stuft Mama's cereal crumble. Topped with chobani frosting

A view in the midst of one of my runs (yes I stopped to take a pic :)

Oats en route (sound familiar?) We wanted to clean out the fridge/freezer, so I volunteered to take on some of the raspberry sorbet as my chocolate egg white oats (I know deja-vu right?) along with berries and pb candy

and lastly yesterday I made a single lady cupcake (read: kitchen experiment) yikes, but you should still go check out the recipe I based it off, it seems like such a quirky but I'm sure tasty treat (if you make it right :)

So before I make this a WIAW ;that's tomorrow(: hehe look for that post too, I'll let you go read another bloggers post. Loves


Do you read multiple books at once? I think it keeps things interesting! I'll read like an action book and a romance at the same time (you know, to mix things up)

What are you currently reading? Any suggestions?

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