Saturday, February 28, 2015

My first Chocolat in Chile

So last night we ventured out to see what the nightlife was all about. Apparently theres something called Miercoles Po (po is just a nonsense word kinda like umm...i don't understand either..). Anywho, its a type of carrete (fiesta) for foreigners that goes on every Wednesday in this part of the city. We got in to this "Club Chocolat" for free and were given VIP passes! ( you didn't think i actually had chocolate did you?(; because I have yet to experience that one..) First drinks were free (Corona or Pisco Sour) and we got a nice balcony view. I met two other american girls who were traveling and also many Columbian and Chilean boys.
Other highlights included the first purchase of Chilean wine (3 dollahs a bottle!) and a witnessing of an escort of our dear friend Will who proceeded to puke all over the club floor...and last but not least, my friend lost her toenail. oye. Don't worry- I managed to only pay for my bottle of wine- thereby exploiting the free drink, my lightweight status and a bonus guarantee of no hangover(;

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