Saturday, February 28, 2015

Oye with the Poodles already

So theres a funny phrase from Danielle's favorite childhood show...Gilmore Girls! Don't ask me what it means but I think it makes a fine alternative for oye díos (it's spanish, I bet you can figure it out). Anywho, I successfully arrived in Santigao Chile this morning after 2 airport security lines, a few awkward attempts at a conversation in spanish and one last minute starbucks ham sandwich (thank god they were open at 8pm, when apparently the Miami airport decides to close down all other food options).
I sat next to a guy who I am pretty sure is from Uruguay (obviously he over-estimated my spanish speaking abilities and was talking quite fast so its possible he was from ParaGUAY- thats all I got lol) and it wasn't a bad flight at all! I slept, watch an episode of Modern Family in spanish (to challenge myself ya know) and eventually watched the same episode in english just to make sure I really laughed at all the right parts(: Upon arrival we have merely ate, talked and drank some lovely pisco sours and chilean wine. It has been lovely and I love it already here, especially the weather which has been sunshiny 60s. It is crazy how many friends I feel like I have this early in the game, but truly these are great people. You would know that by my hysterical laughing fit at dinner (although perhaps my second glass of wine contributed to the hysteria too..). I think I've found my food and most importantly, my wine! 
View from the Hotel- Santiago Central
The Krewe
Notable food performances include a ribeye ('lomo' carne de vacuna), empanadas, chilean salsa (pebre), ensalada chilean (tomates y cebolla), a traditional corn pie (pastel de choclo- con aceites, cebolla, choclo y carne) some fresh avocado (palta) and an interesting dessert of a rehydrated peach drink with wheat (I did not order this strange concoction but I tried a few bites....interesting, very interesting. Thats all the stories I have for today folks. xoxo

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