Sunday, May 13, 2012

Water for the People 5K Recap and Eats!

So yesterday I had a 5K, the Water for the People 5K, a race to raise money for people in third world countries who don't have access to clean water. A great cause, but really all charity runs have great causes(:
So I have a random question for any blogger out there reading, two things actually, do you have to post the source for every picture you post that isn't yours? and also do you ever like give your location? I don't know I just felt weird putting up where my 5K race was held at. Anyways, back to a mini-race recap.

I was definitely pushing it when I warmed up 15 minutes prior to the race start, oops :/ long story short, everyone at the starting line was giving me the evil eye as I was running up to the line only about 3 seconds before they were about to start the race when the realized I was a runner,,,..haha. So that was definitely an adrenaline rush! I'm not an amazing runner by any means, I've only been running since August when I tried out for my school Cross-country Team for the first time ever. But I actually did pretty good at this race, I think that I might have even PRed(: We had run the same course during our XC season like one or two times, so I'm going to check those times on Mile Split and see. I got a 25:14 time, (I told you that I wasn't the best, but that actually was an improvement from my last 5K this year, which I ran in 25:37), but I came in third for women (possibly because it was a very small race..haha). I won a mug, so I was excited(: yay for free stuff! I also got a shirt, and grabbed a bagel, (I love the free food they always have at the end). 
There's the first and second placers too, my dad took the pic, haha so it's not the best
  (We were posing for another pic)
Like my Carolina Ti-dye shorts(; ?

If anyone wants to know any details about the actual race and course, haha, it is flat except for this ginormous hill in the middle, which I actually liked because I usually run up this hill behind my house to get to the greenway path I run on. I passed this guy on the way down! I love it when I get to pass like older fit guys haha is that weird? It just seems like they should be so much faster and fitter than me I guess. Other than that the race went well, its kinda cool because it loops around the lake and then there is a straight-away where you can sprint to the finish; and boy did I have a kick for this race(: 
Here some random eats from this weekend
Pre-race dinner (Friday Night): carrot fries and trader joe's seafood medley with étouffée sauce my mom made (anyone interested in the recipe?) on a bed of arugula, grilled asparagus, mushrooms and zucchini.

This was preceded by a big bowl of peanut butter popcorn and followed by a big bowl of my almost nightly dessert (similar to Tara's) made of cottage cheese, applesauce, silken tofu, cocoa powder, pumpkin, greek yogurt, cinnamon and vanilla topped with peanut butter cheerios and strawberries (yum; my mom got some of these at the local farmer's market and they were delish!)

Next we have my snack/dessert after dinner at Panera; popped armaranth, a chocolate chip cookie, tofu brownie, cacao nibs, freezedried fruit (raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries) and then strawberries and blueberries, plus two raspberries (I know right! who leaves two raspberries in the container,..little stinker) haha and topped with dark chocolate almond milk; yum!
At panera I was intrigued by a poster and ordered exactly that, haha A strawberry poppyseed salad and half a turkey sandwich. The salad was okay, I probably wouldn't order again, also because I really love their fuji apple turkey/chicken salad. The sandwich was awesome, as always, you can tell they make the bread fresh!

And last my snack from today, which yeah, was bigger than my head! haha idk if you can see the spoon handle but try and use that as a relative size comparison. This bowl included cantaloupe, bloobs, yogurt, blueberry flax sprinkles, love grown granola, freeze dried bloobs and trader joe's fake kashi cereal, stirred up with a little almond milk


  1. I always make sure that if you click on the photo it goes back to the source and sometimes I just make a hyperlink under the photo that says "source". I don't mind disclosing location because it's pretty easy to find out where I live, but races I usually just give the title.

    I totally want to eat your dessert. That combo sounds awesome.