Friday, July 20, 2012

My life is GOOD.

it's a good thing i bookmarked a lot of granola recipes #andotherrecipesforthatmatter because I'm going on a beach trip on Monday #superpsyched and I wanted to make some buckwheat & quinoa granola; I'll post the recipe if it's good #we'llsee
check out my pinterest boards here!

it's a good thing i have this as my desktop background #becauseilovesomegoodfoodpics
recipes to come; I'm going to do a series on cooking for the family (if you have a crazy family like mine who actually allows their teenage daughter to dream of some crazy combinations)

it's a good thing my readers don't hate hashtags #ordothey? 
be sure to comment if i'm driving you insane

it's a good thing I like blogging because many a days I think that these posts are just under-read, wastes of internet space #doyoueverfeellikethat?
you could comment on that too, you know just so I make sure humans are reading my webpages and that those page views my blogger homepage accounts for aren't just some smart monkeys (or apes for that matter (; ) scrolling through the web

it's a good thing I have a high pain tolerance because this bruise looks like it really hurts 
with clip-on bike pedals, one must learn to unclip very quickly, or risk falling to the side #canigetanouch

it's a good thing my apetite is raging 
because this breakfast was de-molished

it's a good thing I use blogger, because typing this post was super simple and took about five minutos

Using Google+ all the photos from my phone #lazyblogger are instantly uploaded to my Google/Blogger account

it's a good thing i'm going to stop using that sentence starter now(:

but [it was a good thing that] I did find my old iPod nano that I recently found out that you can send in for a free new one (like the brand new nanos!) 
that I put on makeup the other day #itmademefeelpretty(:

In case you didn't have anything else to comment on or didn't want to answer those questions above (; Here's one:

What has been good in your life lately?


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