Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saturday Thoughts

You know the thing I like about babysitting? Although I'll get the occasional 'tude, the kids I babysit are good kids. Their family is nice and they occasionally have some good food(: haha. 
But really, the thing about kids is that they are honest.
I made her a nutella and strawberry sandwich, grilled up like a grilled cheese, she took one bite and decided she didn't like it. Although I have NO CLUE how anyone couldn't like
a.)my cooking
b.)the combo of strawberries and melted chocolate
haha, I'm just kidding (try not to take me so seriously ;) )

While we are talking about kids, the thing they have is something I envy. Intuitive Eating. You'll know what I'm talking about; if not, intuitive eating is stopping when you are full and eating when you are hungry. These kids, they eat when they are hungry (truth: it might not be the healthiest foods they are eating, but they are still listening to their bodies). And like I said, they stop when they are full. That's one problem I find myself having. I always want to finish what's in front of me, especially if I served myself or if I know it's healthy (but why?) I don't know. I guess it's just something I am programmed to think, that I should clean my plate, not necessarily ignoring my body's "full" cues, but more just focusing too much on finishing. 
When I was at Hilton Head with my friends we went out for frozen yogurt and I ate WAY too much. (talk about a major stomach ache)

You guys know those cups they give you at the fro-yo shops, always huge and begging to be filled. Well this time my friends mine was filled to the brim. And yes it was good, but let me tell you that my body didn't have the same reaction my taste buds did. If only I could have slowed down in inhaling that delightful cup of goodness and enjoyed it, stopping when I was full. I can't change that now (obviously) and it's not really a big deal to me, because you win some and you lose some. And next time I'll try to approach the situation differently. 

So that this post isn't all just my ramblings and serious talk, I'll leave you with a photo dump of the awesome trip I had with my two best friends (it was our graduation present) to Hilton Head Island

See you around

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