Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WIAW: Finally A Runny Egg Yolk!

So first I wanted to start off by saying, no this is not what I ate in one day, haha, I think some people are surprised to see blogger's posts filled with their recent eats, in thinking that the author ate it all in a day. Anyways, on to another great WIAW hosted by the lovely Jenn(:

I know you've probably read this statement x7 today, but I can't believe it's August! Only 18 more days til I leave for Tulane and only 4 more days til my triathlon #holymoley

I just got back after two trips (Beach trip with my frans and Grove Park Inn Spa Trip with my mom #spoiled) 
 We got up early to watch the sunrise on the beach!

Of course I was excited to workout in their fitness area again (it's awesome!) Plus I always feel so accomplished after working out and it says I burned 237 calories #yeahright

Okay enough ramblings about my travels, let's talk summer staples! 
Some of my favorite summer staples are fresh produce and local eggs and meat. At my farmer's market we always pick up veggies, berries, egg, sometimes fresh meat or fish and even homemade bread (Still have yet to make some bread of my own..)
I use the berries in my oats or nightly desserts

The eggs and veggies for salads and stir-frys 
Salad with salmon, grilled veggies and sweet potatoes
Stir-fry with steamed kale, egg whites, a leftover crabcake and a runny egg

Some tips for the runny egg yolk (aka my post's title) are to put the heat on low and cover your pan so the rest of the egg can cook and then make sure you have everything else ready to plate so that you can just slide it on your dish before the yolk cooks all the way through.
Another thing I've been mixing up with my salads lately is some sort of grain, whether it be quinoa, rice or some bread that I have in the freezer, I've been mixing it with my salads lately and it definitely gives the dish some staying power and great taste. 
Add crunch with wasabi peas, pretzels, rice cakes, chiplets or raw crunchy veggies

As for dressings I use (not all at once ;) )hummus, balsamic vinegar, mustard sesame oil, salsa, sriracha, even goat cheese and I usually put spices like chili powder, garlic powder, nooch, and dried herbs over the top as well. More flavor in every bite! #thatwascheesy

Last summer staples you can't forget? Chocolate and protein smoothies(: mm...tastes like summer 

Summer outfits? May include yoga pants to hide cover my compression socks. Oh and that donut i'm holding, plain delicious

A funky combo you should try? Chocolate, Berries and...Corn? (on the left: chocolate frozen dessert with berries, cornbread, corn nuts, chocolate and cacao nibs)

 Breakfast all lined up; water, oiaj, overflow oats (wouldn't all fit in that little jar ;) ), berries and chocolate

 Guess I'm just good at photo dumps, sorry bout that.


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