Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Some things you should know;

I finally officially signed up for my triathlon (do you know how many times it took for me to spell that right on the first try? ;) 

I just got my Macbook Pro up and working oh um...yesterday (don't ask me why it took so long because I'm really not sure) 
This may or may not be shocking to you seeing as though I got it last week

P.S; the best feature would have to be the light up keyboard! so cool (:

I'm definitely looking forward to going off to college; but I am not over-the-top thrilled to be going through all my things (oh the clothes, the horror!
Did anyone else take AP English and have to read that book?

This is my new background for my lock screen on my iPhone
He's just so cute right? 

I love getting mail! I recently got a free sample from Fitmixer for their amino drink #sogood 

Before Cardio Funk last week I snacked on a teeny tiny little apple (Yes I used our Keruig coffee maker for a size reference :) )
I also rocked some new Nikes that I got on sale at Kohl's and new running shorts #score

I am going to seriously miss the kids I babysit when I leave. She just adores me (her mom's words not mine ;) ) But she is going into third grade and is in that "let's hold hands" and "will you paint my nails" stage. 

She asks me to do her hair all the time; that was a trial of a fishtail #almostfail #stillcute

I overdosed on popcorn #again

That is a very large bowl; #whydoidothistomyself

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