Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fact or Fiction

Let's play a little game shall we? It's called fact or fiction; and I know you have seen this one before. If you haven't, then I'll take all the credit ;) haha

Fact: My last post was way too long and definitely contained a bit of word vomit #ewww
Fact: I guess that's what happens when you wait a while to post and then you have too much you want to say
Fiction: I know how to keep my readers interested

Fact: today my dog decided to share our comfy chair with me
Fact: her white hair is now all over my dark green sweatshirt

Fact: I'm pretty sure she thinks it's hers #shesadiva

Fact: I ate three bags of popcorn last night #yikes
Fact: I probably shouldn't eat while browsing blogs #notassatisfying #lookingatfoodmakesmehungry

Fiction: that picture was taken last night #recycledphoto

Fiction: I completely understand why OIAJ is "just not for some people" I mean I may be pushing it, but how can you not want to get every last drop of Dark Chocolate Dreams! #itssodreamy
Fact: get ready for those voluminous oats on tomorrow's WIAW #itfilledtwojars #toobadonlyonewasofpb
Fact: I should really try to stop using so many hashtags because I'm annoying you
Fiction: I will try ;) 

Fact: taking a picture of something by a window sill produces a much better picture #itsallaboutlighting
Fiction: I came up with that all on my own
Fact: I hate reading blogs with crappy photos #sotakemyadvice :) Was that mean?

Fact: I'm scared of clip on bike pedals
Fiction: I'm nervous for my triathlon #imsopumped!

Fact: I'm ending this post
Fiction: You are still reading? or is that a fact....

Your turn! Give me one fact and one fiction about your life right now, or about anything really

Have you ever used clip on bike pedals?
The reason they are scary (I knew you would ask that ;) ) is because you are clipped to the bike so if you lean over too far you will fall over with the bike! #ouch They take lots of practice, so I hope I can learn before my tri!

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