Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's okay to...

So I may have stolen this from a blog I stumbled upon the other day (of which I can't remember the title of...yikes, sorry to whoever is the author; I would love to give you credit!) But it goes a little like this;

It's okay to...

Use the stopwatch function on your watch when you go grocery shopping

I mean you obviously have not seen me wandering around grocery stores because otherwise you would understand why I have to put myself in a time constraint. This time it was 10 minutes, heck yes! Seriously folks, (wow I just said that hah) I have been known to spend upwards of an hour in the grocery store just checkin out the goods, you know, browsing the food I could possibly purchase one day(:

Shhhhh..don't tell anyone it's closer to 11 minutes than 10 minutes

I even spent less than 20 dollars AND only got one thing that wasn't on the list! (insert gasp and applause here) Yes I did have to purchase that good-looking arugula that wasn't anticipated (I'm weird right?)

Sleep until 11:30 on your rest day

I'm taking Sunday off for a much needed rest day, as I followed my workout plan I posted to the tee and actually even added to it as my Yoga class went over by 45 minutes! Hey, at least I was all stretched out(: Today I also did my first ever Open Water Swim to prepare for my triathlon and then a bike ride to finish off some more tri training. Swimming in the lake wasn't as big of a deal as I think it gets hyped up to be. I mean yes you are looking into an abyss of brown and can't see in front of you, but it went by pretty fast and I just switched between freestyle and breaststroke so that I could see. I actually finished in roughly 15 minutes (a 750m loop) which was much faster than I thought I could have done on my first try; score(:

Make Vanilla Decaf Tea while babysitting (when the kids are asleep of course)

This is all in order to rediscover your love for tea. I mean it's like the perfect sweet treat at night time (next to my frozen dessert mess of course!)

It's also definitely okay to hold the object that you are photographing so it gets the best lighting

And while we are at it, I guess it's okay to be blogging while the kids are screaming for their parents and crying to themselves to sleep (why! I hate when kids do this, but I know you just have to let it pass, trust me I have tried to stop the shrieking, the only results that yielded was a burst eardrum)

Shed a little tear when you get to the last bite of something really good

The corn this time of year is just amazing! For real, our family was so into it that last night at dinner we were discussing how tender the kernels were and how good the corn has been this year (I had to get my quirky habits somewhere; note how I used the word quirky and not weird (; )

Post a picture of your nightly frozen dessert even though you promised not to, because it was berrylicious and beaut-iful 

Just look at that pomegranate aril of epic (insert adjective here in which I could not fathom) #iamsuchadork

Answer only the questions you feel like answering in the latest survey (I mean you don't want to bore your readers :P )

1. What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

I guess it's also okay to change the questions a bit, so I'll add on "What are you wearing this fine day?"

My Tulane Lacrosse Jersey of course; supporting my Riptide(:

 That would be Popped Amaranth with Buckwheat Groats, Oats, Cherries, Peaches, Blackberries, Mixed Nuts and some Pumped Up Milk

 And that would be it all mixed up(:

2. How much water do you drink a day?

A ton; I mean I only have to pee every 50 minutes or so..

3. What is your current favorite workout?

You want to know something funny? I found that if I actually follow a workout exactly or at least write one down I work so much harder (or at least I sweat more) than when I just wing it; I know, so strange ;) But I recently completed Courtney's Treadmill Workout and the Strength Workouts from this book

I also want to try some more Tabata workouts because I did that once and man was it tough, but I loved how short and intense it was!

5. What are your favorite healthy snacks?

Although cereal probably isn't the best option (it's better than chips I guess) I really am a cereal monster at heart. I also like the veggie and hummus combo along with my Peanut Butter Popcorn and smoothies, like my Green Tea one you should try (no pressure!)

I count popped amaranth as cereal; I mean I eat it with milk, it's homemade cereal (:

8.  What is your least favorite body part to strength train? 

I find it really hard to do pull-ups and push-ups, so I guess my arms/biceps; but I'm trying to make those stronger of course(:

Ah man, I definately cut out my bicep muscle there #oops

12. Do you eat fast food?

I'll take an occasional Moe's, Chic-fil-a, Which-Wich, or Panera pit-stop (okay that's so a lie, I rarely eat fast food, but if I do those are my go tos)

And on that note, it's ok to utilize the free salsa bar when you do stumble into a Moe's  

Those five containers of salsa may or may not have been hoarded by me, you never know, my mom is quite sneaky! (I mean she did hide my rabbit from as a Christmas present; do you know how hard it is to hide a live present?)

Make the most oddly shaped pizza you have ever seen

It was delicious and the details on the recipe will be coming soon (:

And the best was saved for last...DRUMROLL

It's okay to smile because you just got a new Macbook Pro! 

For all you readers out there who are still with me fill in the blank (if you kindly would ;) ) 

"It's okay to _____"

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