Thursday, August 2, 2012

These are my confessions

So I thought I would do another confessions post and give you guys a little update.

1.) I have a thing for weird combos. Did you hear about that chocolate, berry and corn combo?! Check out the post(;
This one came from Heather, one of my favorite bloggers know for her wacky combos (aka, why I love her :) )
Here's a little play by play:
 Start with a standard PB&J
 Sprinkle on a little love. You know, the standard BBQ seasoning(:
Add some BBQ Tofu while you're at it, I mean come on, go big or go home right?

2.) I may have used crappy iPhone photos for this one ^ 
Bear with me, I'm in summer mode #lazygirlproblems
3.) I have a slight case of OCD (read: crazy). I forgot to put this photo in my WIAW post from yesterday and so I felt the need to show you this before I deleted those food photos off my phone(:
A green smoothie with cereal and coconut macadamia buttah

4.) I'm slightly addicted to cereal #shamelessly

5.) I'm starting to realize that college is coming up quick, yet I have nothing packed. Hmm.. I thought instead of telling you guys what I would miss #thatwouldbewaytoolong , I would list the things I'll be glad to leave behind:

-hearing my dog bark. at everything. in the early morning while I am sleeping #possibly11. all day long.
-my mother's slight obsession with a clean kitchen #sorrymom. I mean I'm not a slob but it will be nice to manage my own habits and not have someone looking over my shoulder at the slight amount of water spillage on the counter
-having to prep all my fresh veggies and fruits, #hellosaladbar

That being said, thinking of those 3 things may have taken me some time, while right now I can probably rattle off about 25 things that I will miss #sigh, it's okay though because I know college is going to be a blast and I'm super excited!

6.) I may still be rooting for Michael Phelps, even though Ryan Lochte may be more attractive #hellohottie, I still have that nostalgic hope for Phelps to live out his last Olympics. Sure he has like a bigillion medals, but I always silently root for him in his races (aka, tonights final for the 100m Fly)
  and seriously why does he feel the need to take a bite of his medal? #smh

7.) Random tangent alert; I hate the smell of bleach. ew. and my house smells like bleach right now. tangent over(:

 8.) I can't take pictures like Ashley, but I'm working on it. Which one do you like best? I'm playing around with the lighting..I think I like the bottom one; the colors are sharper.

9.) Even though her obnoxious barking wakes me up most days, I will miss my cute little pup. Especially when she does the most adorable things like sleep with her head under a pillow. Or eat my package #butwait #thatwasn'tadorable

10.) This one's for you, what is your confession? 


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