Sunday, August 5, 2012

I'll TRI to recap it for you(;

Dear Sophie Rae, 
unfortunately my blog doesn't tell my readers when I respond to their comments (I guess you have to be self-hosted for that handy feature and I'm just a #brokecollegegirl who can't buy her own domain), So I really hope you are reading this, so that I can tell you that I promise to have a post up soon on how I make my frozen dessert(:

So as you probably have heard, (because I'm famous and everything ;) ), I completed my first triathlon today! It was a sprint tri, swimming 750m, biking 16 miles and running 3.1 miles (5k). 

Let's go over some quick stats shall we?

1 cup of coffee
2 spectators (my dad and my personal trainer came! I was soooo surprised)
3 bathroom breaks
20 second stretches

I think the face speaks for itself #pain 

1:50 second average transition time
15.8 avg mph on the bike
19~ the age I'm going to be on December 31st, and thus the age that was written on my right calf
This may have been one of my favorite parts about the tri, which was to see the age of the people passing you, and also the people who you passed!

How weird is it that my bib number and my age were palindromes! #nerdalert

0 showers. Uh oh, did I just post that to the worldwide web (oh, nevermind, just to my 6 readers :) haha I hope I didn't scare you off just yet!) 
I can't believe I'm saying this but I am so exhausted and lazy after the tri that I may or may not have put off taking a shower until tomorrow. ewwww. Don't stress though, I did at least change and hey, I rinsed off after the finish line(:

Seriously though. Triathlons are no joke. You will be sore. You will be dead tired. But you will love it. I felt like I had an endorphin rush the rest of the day!

Post-fueling it up baby(: "Runner's Omelet" (how fitting right!), side of Fruit, a Biscuit, side of Gravy and a Raspberry Coconut Walnut Pancake #tasteslikeheaven

And no folks, I won't pretend I joined the clean plate club on this one, but I did do a pretty good number on it.

5 minutes. The time it will take you to prep this recipe quickie I came up with on the fly. Let's just say I was craving some chocolate. 
And some bad night photos? I guess we could include those too. 

Hazelnut Chip Chocolate Protein Cookie
(microwave) Inspired by this recipe

2 T Vital Wheat Gluten (honestly, I've never used this before so I'm not sure if you can sub another type of flour, sorry! Let me know if you try something though)
2 T Pumpkin
2 T Egg Whites
1 scoop (16 g) Vanilla Protein Powder
1/2 T Almond Butter (or any nut butter)
1 t Baking Powder
Almond Milk to thin (not too thin, I probably used about 2-3 T)
Cinnamon, Salt, Vanilla (I never measure these)

I added in a chopped up Adora disk and 1/4 of a Ritter Sport Hazelnut Square for "chocolate hazelnut chips," but feel free to add chocolate, carob or even peanut butter chips

Spread on a greased plate (it will stick!) and microwave for about 2:15 seconds. I like my goey, so if you want it to cook it longer, I would do it in 5-10 second intervals so you don't dry it out

And of course I used it as my topper for my frozen dessert mess. You know what they say about having a smaller bowl will make you eat less? Doesn't work for me; I always end up overflowing and having to put it in a larger bowl (that was bowl number two) and it was quite difficult not to spill everywhere

P.S; I may have to do a side by side comparison, but that Ritter Sport Chocolate is giving Trader Joe's a run for it's money, and TJs is cheap(:

Oh and did I mention that I found out that the serving size for those Adora disks I've been taking is 2-3 per day! That will not be a problem with this chick right here. #chocoholic

Dear readers, do you have any tips for when there is no daylight to capture your foodie creations? Mine always look yellowy and gross under fluorescent lighting

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