Friday, June 22, 2012


Hey readers! Lately I've been taking it slow, sleeping in ('til 12) and going to an occasional XC workout (yes, I realize I have graduated haha).

I've also been working out, chasing chickens (haha, my sister and I are petsitting; they are cute, but oh so fast!) and recieving packages (yay, can't wait for the foodie pen pal reveals!)

goodmi 00:28 09:22 pace
Critical Threshold Run

alright1400 yd 00:30 37:42 pace
Followed by a 20 minute easy stationary bike ride at the Y!

good2.3 mi 00:19 08:24 pace
2 mile PPM run

greatCardio funk 01:00

Oh and I finally got around to posting that picture of my inspiration board(:

See that cute little kitty? Look familiar? Check him out at STUFT Mama's blog. She sent them out for readers and bloggers to send her pics (I'll let ou know if any of my pics are featured in her posts). You can look at an example of a previous post here.

 So yesterday I FINALLY cleaned my room. Like I had things that I never unpacked from May (yikes!) I just hate unpacking and I have been on so many trips lately with lots of overlap, so I never got around to it. But luckily my room is looking pretty spiffy now(: And for that I rewarded myself with a little relaxin in the sunshine.

I finally finished Mockingjay on my kindle! What did you guys think of it? I thought it was a little bleh, too drawn out and a disappointing ending :/

Check out my new button bracelet I just made(: All I did was take some hemp and thread all these old buttons through it. You can even use those buttons that come with shirts or sweaters in the little plastic baggies (That you know you will never use; I mean come on, how could you find them when your button breaks, haha I have like a bizillion)

Oh and I just wanted to share a little makeup tip with you guys; To get extra curly eyelashes (because mine are naturally short and flat) you take a blow-dryer and then heat up your curling iron for a few seconds (not too long or you may burn yourself!). But I do it and it really makes my eyelashes look longer and fuller! I'm not too big on makeup but I'll usually just put on some tinted SPF moisturizer and mascara. I really like Covergirl's mascara...anyways onto some recent eats;

A massive (read:way too much) salad that I didn't even get to finish filled with the rest of my chicken salad, a soft boiled egg, more cabbage, tomatoes, chopped veggies on a bed of greens

A bowl of cantaloupe filled with cereal and berries (underneath)

Some amazeballs Peanut butter S'mores Egg White Oats inspired by Heather

 Mid- and Post-toppings [I like to go all out(: hehe]

I guess I like massive bowls/plates of food; because there's my 15'' Macbook for size comparison (but it was soooo good)

What's our favorite oatmeal combination? I think I'm going to give tahini and chocolate one last go around..


  1. I approve of the summer XC practices!! They can't hurt, right? Though I can't sleep in that late. I was freaking out that I slept in until 11 yesterday! I need to try the s'mores oats. That sounds awesome!

    1. You can't go wrong with dessert for breakfast right ? Haha

  2. I am obsessed with oatmeal and yogurt! If you haven't tried it, GO DO IT ASAP! And my goodness, you are glowing Carly :-)!! That print dress is SO gorgeous, I wish it was in my closet :P. And if you like chickens, you'd love it on Kauai! Chickens are EVERYWHERE!!!

    1. Thanks! I got the dress at Forever 21, I love it but it's dry clean only; haha probably because it's so cheap it would fall apart. Anyways, do you like cold yogurt on hot oats or do you eat your oats cold, I know random right; but I was just wondering(: